This is developed by considering the market situation. Sometimes the market may get consolidated in a particular range. We also called it a range-bound market. In that situation, we need to trade by considering the range. In that range, trades need to be executed in a repeated manner.

SELL trades will get opened as the market price reached to trigger level. As the market is moving bullish SELL trades will get opened consecutively according to the difference level assigned and Cycle count given in the input of EA, in a bullish manner. Also, the target will get assigned to each trade and get booked as market price is reach to that level. It supports for MT5.


Lot Size - Lot size needs to be placed as per money management while opening the trades.

Trigger level – Trigger level is the level where we want to start or execute the EA. As the price reached to trigger level, EA will get initiated and trade will get open.

Difference – Difference is calculated in pips. How much difference do we want between two consecutive trades?

Cycle count – Number of positions we want to open.

Target – You can assign a target to a particular trade. How many Pips targets do you want to assign to trade?




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