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1. Lot Size (input double lot = 0.02)

   - The `lot` parameter determines the initial lot size for opening new orders. In the provided code, it's set to 0.02, which means the EA will start with a lot size of 0.02 when placing new orders.

2. Lot Multiplier (input double Lot MM = 1.6)

   - The Lot MM` parameter is a multiplier applied to the lot size for certain conditions (e.g., Martingale). In the code, if Martingale conditions are met, the lot size for the next order will be calculated as `lot * Lot MM`

3. Level Difference (input Level Difference = 50):

   - The Level Difference parameter is used in determining conditions for opening additional orders. For example, if the difference between the current market price and the opening price of the earliest buy order is greater than `Level Difference pip size, it may trigger the opening of a new buy order.

4. Entry price (input Entry price = 2024)

 - Where you want initialize the EA just give that point price value where it gets initialized

5. Martingale Limit (input Martingale Limit = 25):

   - The `Martingale Limit` parameter restricts the number of times the EA can use Martingale strategy (doubling the lot size) for opening additional orders. If the number of buy orders exceeds this limit, the lot size won't increase further.

6. Max Level Difference (input Max Level Difference = 500):

   - The Max Level Difference parameter is the maximum allowed level difference for opening additional orders. If the market price difference exceeds this value, the EA won't open more orders.

7. Max Martingale Limit (input Max Martingale Limit = 100):

   - Similar to `Martingale Limit`, this parameter restricts the number of times the EA can use Martingale strategy for sell orders.

8. Target Profit (input TP = 40):

   - The TP parameter sets the take-profit level in pips for new orders. For example, if `TP` is set to 40, the EA will set the take-profit level for new buy orders 40 pips above the entry price and for sell orders 40 pips below the entry price.

9. Profit in Dollar (input double Profit in Dollar = 5000000):

   - The Profit in Dollar parameter sets a target for the total profit in dollars. If the total profit reaches or exceeds this value, the EA will close all open positions.

10. Loss in Dollar (input double Loss in Dollar = -5000000)

   - The Loss in Dollar parameter sets a threshold for the total loss in dollars. If the total loss reaches or exceeds this value, the EA will close all open positions.

11. Stop EA after Dollar TG/SL (input =True or False)

   - It closes all the trades as soon as given conditions get matched about overall TP or SL


These input parameters allow you to customize the EA based on your risk tolerance, trading strategy, and account size. Adjusting these values can have a significant impact on the EA's behavior. Before making changes, it's advisable to thoroughly test the EA in a simulated environment to understand how different parameter values affect its performance. Additionally, consider consulting with a financial advisor or conducting thorough back testing before deploying any trading algorithm in a live market.




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