Trend Side EA

Trend Side EA is developed to capture the profit in trend. It helps us to multiple the profit while traveling with the trend. Also while coming against the trade we are also getting risk free as assigning SL and TP between consecutive trades as well as all opened trade.

It will open the trade as soon as it reaches to entry price level. Also as per its function it will go for second trade and rest of the function. After happening of all average breakeven it will only take trade when price came for retracement level. Also if breakeven will get happen between two consecutive trades then trades will get opened above/below last closed trade in trending directions only.


Initial Lot:

Initial (I st) Lot size

Second Lot:

Second lot related to initial first trade

Trade Type:

Select which side you want to go (BUY or SELL)

10 Entry Price:

Select the price where you want to in or start the EA with initial lot.

Lot Info:

Select (Same lot / Multiple / Increment)

All Average:

i) YES - Close all the trades with Breakeven + Some PIPS ass. as T points

ii) NO - Close only last two opened trades with Breakeven + Some PIPS ass. as T points

Lot MM:

Select (Same lot size / multiplication factor / Increment factor)

Order First Gap points:

Select gap between first 2 consecutive trades (in PIPS)

Order Second Gap points:

Select gap between 2 consecutive trades after second trade (in PIPS)

10 Retracement level:

Retracement level need to tap after successful Breakeven happened for each initial Entry level

10 Targets in Dollar:

Dollar target for each individual entry level point for its own multiple trades

Need second retracement:

Select whether you want retracement level or not? (YES or NO)

Target in dollar:

Overall target in dollar

Stop loss in dollar:

Overall Stop loss in dollar

Max Level:

Number of trade or levels you want

Target Points:

BE + Points in PIP

Initial SL:

Assigned a Stop loss to the initial trade of each price level

10 Magic No:

Use to differentiate trades.



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