Bridging Trading View with Stock Market

Easily automate trades with our Trading View to Stock Market integration, ensuring swift execution for seamless access to both platforms.


Effortless Automation

Seamlessly automate trades by integrating Trading View with the Stock Market.

Swift Execution.

Ensure rapid trade execution for seamless access and optimal performance.

Enhanced Accessibility

Enjoy easy access to both platforms for a comprehensive trading experience.

Maximized Efficiency

Streamline your trading operations with automated processes, saving time and effort.

Sync Strategies

TradingView to Stock Broker Integration

Sync Your Strategies: Elevate Your Trading Experience by Linking TradingView Trades to Stock Market Broker


TradingView's indicators generate signals according to the signal or strategy you have selected on it, triggering alarms for timely alerts.


TradingView's alarms seamlessly relay to our server, converting signals into trades sent to your Broker with millisecond precision, optimizing automated trading strategies.


Our bridging platform executes trades in your broker account, aligning with indicators and strategies from TradingView, ensuring precise implementation of your trading plans.

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